Are Pearls Got in an "Oyster Opening Party" Valuable?

While you are enjoying your oyster opening experience, we'd love to remind you some truth behind it:

1. About the pearl type: Oyster produces saltwater pearls, but most pearls you get from an "oyster opening party" are freshwater pearls. These oysters have been operated and the freshwater pearls are transplanted into Akoya oysters right before the packaging. Yes, they are genuine real pearls, but they are freshwater pearls artificially put inside a saltwater oyster. These oysters with fresh water pearls are sold in the wholesale market for $0.50-$3.50 per piece, and as most people enjoy the opening experience, it has become a very quick developing business.

2. About the pearl color: The truth is that most colors such as green, blue, silver, black, etc... of these freshwater pearls are dyed. Freshwater pearl colors come in a wide variety of pastel colors such as peach, pink, purple, bronze, champagne, as well as white. Lots of freshwater pearls are dyed into green, silver, black, or dark gold color to meet the jewelry market needs.

How do we know which pearl color is natural, and which pearl color is dyed on Timeless Pearl website? In our product description - color section, we would mention "Natural" behind the pearl color if the color is natural. 

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