Our AAA Grade is the AAAA Grade of most online retailers

The truth is, every farm or every pearl wholesaler or retailer has their own definition of pearl grading.

At Timeless Pearl, we base our grading system on that of the top pearl farms. Pearl grades range from E (lowest pearl-grade) to AAAAA (highest quality).

  • The highest classification pearls can get if they are not round shape is AAA. These pearls are perfect in every other way: they have a high luster, their surface is visually clean and completely flawless.
  • For round or near-round shape pearls, our AAA grade requires 95% surface clean, and our AAAA grade pearls represent 98% surface clean; while other retailers or wholesalers' grading system only requires 95% surface clean for their AAAA grade.

If you would like to learn more about top pearl farms' pearl grading system, please click here.

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