What is Edison Pearl?

Edison pearl is a new type of cultured natural pearl such as Tahitian pearl. This new species of pearl is a hybrid of freshwater pearl and saltwater pearl.

The reason that it is hybrid pearl is that Edison pearl is cultivated the same way as saltwater pearls, and has exactly the same structure, quality and sizes as saltwater pearls, but at the same time this type of pearls are cultured in freshwater, and they have a huge pearl color range from freshwater color to saltwater color.

The reason that it's called Edison pearl is because Thomas Edison has said: "There are two things which couldn't be made at my laboratory--diamonds and pearls". The inventors of Edison pearls studies Mussels with Zhejiang University laboratory for more than 5 years and they finally invented the way to cultivate saltwater quality pearls in freshwater.

This invention has made a breakthrough in worldwide pearl market, and in 2011, the NEW YORK TIMES had their front-page headlines introducing this new type of pearl, which is changing the global pearl market now.

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