How long does it take to receive my order?

For Timeless Pearl, shipping times depend on the item’s original location and delivery process:

Ships in 2 business days

  • Items within this shipping timeline (with “In-Stock” indication on product page) will ship directly from Timeless Pearl California warehouse within 2 business days.

Ships in 2-5 weeks

  • Items from some made or order or flash sale events are shipped from the farms to Timeless Pearl after the event ends. As shipment times vary for each farm, please expect your order to ship in 2-5 weeks. Once it arrives, we’ll package it and ship it off to you.

In order to help you understand our shipping procedure, we explain here all steps we follow after receiving your order:

1. Once you place an order, the shipping information with your order number and a list of products will be imported automatically to a shipping platform.

2. We create packing label in the shipping system, prepare your package, and create a shipping label for your order. We usually use USPS First Class Mail service, but if you need the product as soon as possible, please send us a note when you place your order so that we would change to other shipping services including USPS Priority Mail, UPS, DHL, or FEDEX. The tracking number will be sent automatically to you once your shipping label is created.

3. We drop off the package to the carrier. You will see the update of tracking information from the second business day.

4. Depending on the carrier, USPS First Class Mail takes 3-5 business days to arrive, and USPS 2-Day Priority Mail takes 2 business days to arrive. We also have UPS Next-Day-Delivery or other services, in the case of urgency. Please make sure that you include a note with your order if the shipping is urgent so that we would select different carrier service to meet your needs.

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